About project

Late Bronze Age mortuary practices and society in southern Carpathian Basin (BAMPICa) (IRP -11-2013-5327) is an installation research project funded by the Croatian Science Foundation. It proposes to combine archaeology and physical anthropology in order to expand the current knowledge of Late Bronze Age (LBA) mortuary practices and society in Carpathian Basin. It aims to integrate analyses of burial features and associated artifacts with analyses of cremated human remains from seven urnfield cemeteries in northern Croatia, dated between 13th and 9th century BC. We are looking for correlations between skeletal and artifactual evidence, which should allow us to recognize patterns that may be linked to a specific gender or age group.

Our primary objective is to investigate the variability of mortuary practices as reflected in modes of corpse treatment and disposal. At a more general level, we use our data in order to investigate the Late Bronze Age social identities in southern Carpathian Basin. Another of our aims is to investigate whether the traditionally perceived difference between ‘Urnfield culture’ and ‘Belegiš II group’ can be detected in mortuary evidence other than urns. Our sample of 120 burials covers a time span of six centuries, which will allow us to monitor the diversity of mortuary practices during the entire LBA, and to address some of the outstanding issues of regional chronology.

Project duration: 1st July 2014 – 30th June 2017