Public lectures -“… Laid his dead body upon the summit of the pile, and set the fire thereto” (Iliad XIV, 787)

On reconstruction of the funeral in the 11th century BC in the southern Carpathian Basin

Public lecture presenting the progress of the first year of the research project Late Bronze Age mortuary practices and society in southern Carpathian Basin (BAMPICa) was delivered at the Institute of Archaeology on May 28th, 2015 . We presented the results of the combined archaeological and anthropological analyses of the Slatina cemetery, which were carried out in order to reconstruct funeral practice in the 11th century BC in southern Carpathian Basin. Daria Ložnjak Dizdar and Petra Rajić Šikanjić spoke about the applied methodology, research questions, preliminary results, and planned further research of Late Bronze Age mortuary practices.

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